Tired of the Large Firm Bureaucracy and Culture?

Quincy Cass Associates is seeking established Wealth Advisors/Brokers ready to advance their career to the next level by joining a boutique firm that has a unique culture and rich history since 1922. We welcome the opportunity to speak to individuals or groups who may be interested in joining our team.

What Separates Us from the Wirehouse?

Ask yourself a few questions:

Where is the greatest opportunity?
  • At a Wirehouse or a Boutique with entrepreneurial spirit?
Where would you expect a potential client to say I'm already covered by your firm?
  • At a Wirehouse or a Boutique?
When has upper Wirehouse management ever asked for your opinion?
  • We foster team involvement when making strategic decisions.

Ever been told by your firm not to pursue a certain clientele?

Larger is not necessarily better!

We are a Boutique Investment Firm by Design.

We offer a supportive and accessible management culture dedicated to supporting your growth in client relationships. Our firm understands long term clients must be nurtured in the absence of quotas or pressure.

Clearing Services provided by:
Quincy Cass Associates, Inc. is allied with the National Financial Service Corporation (NFSC), a Fidelity Investments company. With NFSC support we provide a full spectrum of services including syndicate offerings.

Client Service:
We provide investment advisors full back office support, because we believe client service is paramount.

Make the right career choice by joining a Boutique firm culture that is rich in history. Please feel free to contact me at 310-473-4411 so as to discuss our firm's philosophy in greater detail.


Mark C. Minichiello
Managing Director
Quincy Cass Associates, Inc.