QCA Capital Management
Seeking enhanced returns with reduced risk

The primary goal of QCA Capital Management is to protect and enhance clients wealth as economic conditions change.

Our investment and business philosophy is rooted in three areas: developing value-added investment portfolios, ensuring the proper use of state-of-the-art risk-management technologies, and staying sensitive to clients needs and comfort levels.

We judge our success by our ability to implement strategies that achieve our clients defined investment objectives within appropriate time frames and to deliver enhanced returns with reduced risk.

QCA Capital Management emphasizes three investment styles:

Wealth Preservation and Enhancement. The first priority is wealth preservation. This strategy seeks a balance between risk and reward through a portfolio of stable equities and fixed income, with some exposure to international markets. It appeals to all investors, whether they are accumulating assets, approaching retirement or creating legacies.

Income Generation. This strategy generally appeals to conservative investors who wish to increase their income stream. The portfolio contains various types of fixed-income securities, including Treasuries, government agencies, municipal bonds, corporate bonds and notes, and equities paying strong dividends.

Opportunistic Value and Growth. This sophisticated strategy takes advantage of anomalies in todays markets that indicate a stock may be poised for gains.

QCA Capital Management knows that opportunistic events at corporations often create discrepancies between securities intrinsic values and their market values. These deviations magnify with the inefficiencies and inattention of general capital markets. Using our proprietary methodology, we identify undervalued and overvalued securities to exploit those variances. QCA Capital focuses on securities that have minimal research coverage and are generally unknown to or undervalued by investors. The strategy invests in companies that have experienced spin-offs, reorganizations, financial distress from larger conglomerates, or other catalyst-driven events that QCA Capital believes cause the market prices to inaccurately reflect those securities intrinsic values.